The End …

Honestly in the beginning I thought that it won’t be that interesting, but it turned out to be mind-boggling in the most fun way and I benefited a lot .Everyone was very collaborative and helpful and the best part about it that it was interactive.

We went through a lot and learned many techniques and terms that helped me expand my horizons. For example in module I we learned about the creative thinking processes and the steps that ease and strengthen our mind connections to connect different ideas and find creative solutions that will ease our lives like the refugee tent inspired by the plastic cups for example or the motorcycle inspired by the elephants ears.

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We also learned how to overcome our fears and let our ideas free to the world without being afraid of being judged by others, or failing. Moreover we knew some basic rules to work in teams that eased the experience and made it much fun , like for example to stop judging weird ideas ,instead work on these ideas and develop them into doable ones. Redesigning the Journey of both the gift giver and the unaccompanied minor were so interesting it made us turn out the worse journey to the best through small developments and I think that’s how IKEA and most creative companies find inspiring solutions that ease our everyday life.

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Similar in approach, module II helped us design a game player’s experience by designing the whole game from scratch. In this phase we learned about the dynamics, mechanics, and the aesthetics of the game and how all these parts affect each other and the players’ experience in the processes. Before we design our big game we saw a lot of other games in class and in Creatopia  and designed a small game inspired by a fairy tale until we decided on our literacy game.

Some were online others were board games and they all differed in their approach , the way the player interacted with them and the way it’s constructed.

I think after this course I gained a lot of knowledge about time management, the creative processes that professional creators go through in order to solve and ease problems, how collective thinking is way more beneficial than the individual one, and courage to say what is in my mind without being afraid of judgment or failure, and I think I would never be able to do this if the atmosphere, including the instructors and colleagues, wasn’t as friendly as it was. This made things easier and as a result we were able to imagine impossible stuff and develop it by time to make it possible as we were free during our thinking processes. Although it was a little bit time consuming than most courses and very tiring to brainstorm, finish our projects on time, blog a post each week, and finish the other assignments we have, it was worth the hard work and I am glad that I toke this course.


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