Literate enough …?

When  we started thinking about an educational game we wanted to make it fun yet informative therefore , we first thought about a life size map , a scavenger hunt , and many other ideas but the problem was that all these ideas when implemented were easily memorized and as a result it became boring by time and easily forgotten.


Our Fist Prototype
Our First Prototype

So we had to change the idea and forget about the countries and as we didn’t have time to prepare for the educational version of scavenger hunt , we had to brainstorm again. Then we thought about Media Literacy and how people sometimes believe everything see in the media outlets sharing them with a good intention without checking the source or the publisher first , and how most of these news are misleading fabricated news.

So we decided to talk about media literacy and it’s important. Till this point things were just fine then the time to implement the idea came and we had no clue how would we implement it . After several conferences and suggestions we made up our minds to make a digital game that give you pieces of information and ask you weather you believe them or not why and so on.

As an activity; take a look at this video and think about it
Then take a look at this one ....
     If you knew that this was coming you are media literate enough but if you didn't then  you need to work on your media literacy skills more  ..

     Feel free to download our game Literacy Test

During this game we act like watchers and see what is your reaction when you first hear the news are gonna look it up or blindly believe it or maybe look at it critically , or build on your previous information. Most of the players either believed them or not without checking. That’s when we knew that our game needs some upgrades .

My main concern about this activity was the limited time we had to brainstorm , prototype and finalize the project in. However, if we were given more time i think we would have done way better that what we did. For example we would have worked more on the structure of the game and put some tips or steps to go through before answering. We wold also work on the visuals and included more videos and pictures than text or even create a theme for the game to be more engaging .But overall the project was fun maybe if it was in the middle of the semester we would have interacted with it better but it was fine.




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