Huffing and Puffing…

In the last class we were supposed to make a game inspired by a kid’s story. Randomly I got The Three Little Pigs story and this is what I came up with…

Huffing and puffing; it’s an online game you may download it as an app too on your cell phone, it’s a multiplayer game; which means that you can’t play it with the computer you must invite some friend or a random player online to play with. It have another PC version where you can download a play offline with another friend “Preferred “or the computer



You either choose to be Ms. Piggy, the pig’s mother, or the fox, the predator.

You may change your role anytime and change its features, name, clothes, and accessories.

If you choose to be Ms. Piggy; in order to win you should construct a house “with the provided materials according to your level “from scratch for your kid to live in and protect from the fox, you should put in mind some places to hide in when the fox enter also some tricks to trick the fox when he enters. All the details count; for example you should take care if the window or door is open. You should also feed your kids and take care of their needs. You may also go shopping for materials and work “Solve some riddles and play some games” to earn money to upgrade your house but you should put in mind that the fox might visit your kid any time while you are doing so. If you lose you can restart the level and rebuild the house or edit it until the fox revisit it. If you win you can upgrade the house the materials you use make tunnels underground and may connect them to the other pig’s houses “when you unlock and build them in further levels”.

If you choose to be The Fox; in order to win you should find a smart way to enter the house try not to fall for any trap and find the pig. If you find him you may go and sell them, take care of them and build a farm “to earn money” or eat them to upgrade your Huffing and Puffing strength and other features; for example the ability to capture the pictures of the houses and planning previously. You can go and see the house from outside before you put your plan. You may use stuff that you find in the forest as creative as you like. You may attack whenever you want, send the Pigs fake gifts or trick them to come over your house.

The game is also interactive; have a chat area where you can send messages” some are already made by the creator of the game” to one another to trick each other.

In this game you can travel virtually according to the level to see new urban places and some of their attractions

There is a shift in the game where you randomly shift minds with your opponent and explore his place for 5 seconds

Although it is inspired by a kids’ story it’s not targeted to kids as might promote children to do some violent actions or inappropriate behaviors like tricking people



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